Her Dad Asked Her To Sing Him A Song. Her Response Is The Cutest Thing I Have Seen All Day!

Nursery rhymes have been used as assistance in child development for a long time. Research states that rhymes and music help in the direct growth of a child’s spatial reasoning ability, which then helps in easier understanding of mathematics and science.

This little girl in the video is named Josie and she is just 23 months old. When her father asked her to sing a song for the camera, she couldn’t say no. She went ahead and sang the children’s classic “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” and it is beyond adorable! Just watch this and see how clever she is. This is not an easy song for a 23 month old to remember.

But Josie has a little toy to help her remember all the animals. It has a duck, cow, piggy, doggie, and a cat on it and at the end of the clip she names all the animals for us. But it’s her singing and making all the animal noises that is just adorable. She does a particularly cute impression of a pig and a dog!

Her daddy is filming this and seems quite proud of his little girl for being so clever. At the end of the clip he says, “You’re funny,” and the little girl beams at him. She’s so cute and watching her sing this song will make your day.

Watch this cute rendition of Old MacDonald by Josie in the video below! We would love to know what you think. Please let us know in the comments!

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