Dad Asked Her “Who’s Your Favorite, Mom Or Dad?” Now Pay Attention To What This Baby Says!

Babies are one of the cutest things in the world. Every parent wants their children to love them and be there on their side. So it is really not surprising when they ask their little kid to choose a favorite parent. Every parent can relate to it, whether you are a new to parenting or already an expert. Just take a look at the video below!

This video features an adorable toddler named Maddie. Her dad, Mick Tippett, asked her who her favorite parent was. Wait till you see who she picked! This clip was uploaded on Jan 2012 and it turns out this clip is very special. It’s one of the few Maddie’s parents have of her.

This video is a very special interaction between Maddie and her father. He’s asking her all sorts of questions, most of which she gets right. He’s added subtitles to help us understand her answers. But the one question she answers wrong is “Who’s your favorite?” Dad doesn’t get the answer he wants, so he keeps trying.

Dad even resorts to giving her treats and using reverse psychology to get her to say he’s the favorite. It is really cute and dad did such a great job taping this special time together with his little girl.

Sadly, Maddie passed away in 2015. Doctors discovered two strands of the common cold had taken hold and one of them was attacking her heart. She was only three years old. Maddie’s parents are grateful for the video and are comforted with the thoughts of the smiles Maddie brought to the world in her short life. Rest in peace Maddie.

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