Dad asks 3 year-old daughter to sing. When she steps up to the mic she’ll blow you away

In many households, MP3 players and smartphones have left traditional stereo systems behind to collect dust. Things are a little bit different at 3 year-old Claire’s house. Her dad is a professional music producer so they have a full studio setup in their home.

One day her dad asked her what her favorite Disney song was and if she would sing it. The bright-eyed little 3-year-old was more than happy to put on her finest princess dress and step up to the mic. She then started right in with “Part of Your World,” a number from the beloved movie “The Little Mermaid.” You can see her wonderful rendition of the song in the video we’ve posted below.

Kids can be smarter than we expect, but Claire really amazes: she knows all the words and the music. What’s especially cute is seeing her make such serious use of professional microphones and headsets!

We aren’t sure what the most endearing aspect of this video is. Claire and her singing could not possibly be more adorable. But we also loved seeing her bond with her father. Not only does he get the whole thing going by asking her to sing, but he includes her in the whole music production process.

He even makes sure to have her watch while he works with the music on the studio computer. In the video, we also get to see Claire and her dad play and have a great time outside the studio. With such a loving parent, she’s getting a great start in life.

You won’t believe your ears when you hear this adorable little girl’s rendition of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid. We’d love to hear from you, so be sure to comment at Facebook. And don’t forget to like and share so your friends can enjoy Claire’s singing and have their hearts melted by the father-daughter bonding.