Dad Asks His Baby Daughter Some Important Questions. Her Answers Left Even Mom In Hysterics!

Children seem to put their dads in a pedestal. Especially daughters. Daddy daughter relationships are the best and their interaction with one another is adorable to say the least. A dad views his little girl as a princess, while the daughter will always think of her dad as her first love. The video below features a daddy daughter duo that is going to melt your heart with their cute conversation.

This dad is having a hilarious interview with his daughter Amalah. Dad asks her some questions and Amalah gives him some deep insights. Her answers will crack you up for sure! He did his first interview with Amalah when she was six weeks old. She is 14 months old in this clip. Wait till you see this! Aww, I can’t stop smiling!

In the beginning of this hilarious interview with his daughter, he asks her why she can do so many things already, but she still won’t sleep through the night. Her subtitled answer is hilarious. Then he asks her some pretty difficult questions, and she can answer all of them! With subtitles, of course.

I wonder if this dad is in the movie industry, because this video is really well done and very funny. He asks her a lot more questions, and she just gets cuter and cuter. Dad’s pretty funny too. If you’re looking to be entertained today, these daddy daughter duo can certainly do that.

Watch this funny interview below! Did you enjoy their conversation? Let us know in the comments section!

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