Little baby Oliver wakes up, testing EVERY emotion on his cute little face…

Welcoming a baby into the world changes their parents’ lives in countless ways, big and small. First and foremost, it’s a huge responsibility. This little person is completely helpless, totally depending on their parents for everything: food, shelter, clothing, diaper changes, you name it!

The parents’ sleep cycles will end up being aligned with their baby’s. That’s an adjustment, to put it mildly. A baby’s sleep cycle is more like a cat’s than a person’s: some deep sleep but a lot of light sleep with plenty of waking up thrown in. When cats wake up, they just stretch, yawn, flip over, and go back to sleep. A baby is likely to feel the need for something and start crying.

Exhausting, confusing, and difficult though all that can be, there is an upside. For one thing, parents enjoy the satisfaction of discovering that they can be vastly more selfless than they would ever have imagined possible…

Having a new baby in the house also brings countless moments of joy and mirth. All kinds of funny and heartwarming things happen as a baby’s personality begins to flourish and they discover the world around them. These are moments to be cherished and thanks to the convenience of camera phones, they can be recorded and even shared with the rest of us!

And this brings us to a delightful baby boy name Oliver. In the video you’ll find posted below, the little guy is in the process of waking up. What’s really funny is the way he wriggles around and makes the same faces a person of any age would when they know it’s time to get up but really don’t want to.

Once Oliver has is eyes open, dad wishes him a good morning and then asks if he slept well. The baby keeps staring at his dad, looks really serious, and then finally gives his answer.

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