Dad asks Cockatoo – do you love me, bird’s response leaves him stunned

Cockatoo’s make great pets, they are easy to look after, you don’t have to take them for walks, there is no need to vacuum the house after they have been inside and……..the big bonus………you can have a conversation with them, well almost. There are only 21-sspeies of Cockatoo, and they all come from Australasia. This takes in the countries of the Philippines, eastern Indonesia, the Wallacea islands and New Guinea and the Solomon Islands and Australia. They are recognizable by their crests and curved beaks, but unlike their parrot cousins, the cockatoo is mainly white, grey or black and not multi colored.

These birds are highly intelligent and need a lot of stimulation. If they get bored they can be highly destructive and extremely noisy. If you have ever seen them in the wild you will know just how noisy they can be. They tend to feed in flocks, and when you have a hundred of these critters together, you are in for a very noisy party indeed. Feeding manly on seeds, fruit, flowers and insects they can be very messy and if you happen to have a large tree in your yard, they will make a mess every time they visit.

Like humans, the cockatoo is a very social creature and have been known to go into a state of depression if left alone for too long. They are a monogamous breeder in the wild and pairings last for many years. They are slow to mature, with the female not breeding until they are 3-7 years old, and the males much older. Once hatched the young of the Cockatoo can spend as much as a year with their parents. A long time for birds in the wild. They also tend to return to the same nest year after year.

Now I know this is all very interesting, but what has it got to do with the clip featured below. Well simple, dad is asking his pet several different questions, do you love me? Are you being silly now? Would you like a kiss? All to no avail. The bird seems intent at just laughing at dad, even though he is making the best efforts to get some love back. Now we have seen YouTube videos before where a cockatoo throws a tantrum because it doesn’t want to go to the vet, and we’ve seen others who can be extremely mischievous when left alone, but this bird just seems to want make a mockery of his dad’s attention and affections.

Click on the link below and enjoy some dad-bird-talk-time that will leave you in stiches as the not-so-polite bird takes control of an already very one-sided-conversation. The question remains though, who will have the last laugh?