Dad asks cute little dog who his best friend is, puppies surprise answer will crack you up

We all have many dog stories to tell, and let’s face it the net is full of them. Dogs that do tricks on command, dogs that can talk, well sort of, they make noises that sound like words, dogs that are very special to medical patience and dogs that are just so cute you can’t help but love them. The clip below fall into the last category, and will have you, like so many others, laughing at the little-pooches antics.

We all know the stories of dog loyalty, let’s face it they are not called “man’s best friend” for nothing are they? But how loyal will they be when faced with the difficult decision of picking between two things that are equally important to them? Little Benji, the-oh-so-cute-puppy, has loyalties to lots of things. His person of course, his huge collection of stuffed toys and FOOD. The clip below has, for some strange reason, gone viral on the net, but I must admit, when you see it for the first time you can’t help but smile.

Let’s set the scene. Benji, looking so cute and straight at the camera, is being ask by his dad who his best friend is. Now we all expect Benji to jump into his dads arms as recognition of his loyalty to his family, but no, mot Benji Apparently his best friend is a stuffed moose. Being the spoilt carefree-canine that he is, he has a choice of stuffed friends to choose from, but no matter how many others you put in front of him he still picks the moose when asked who his best friend is.

So this goes on for a little while and you think, how cute, he certainly knows what he likes. Then suddenly, in front of him, next to all the other stuffed toys, right next to his moose friend, dad places a stuffed piece of pizza. “Who’s your best friend Benji” dad asks, and without hesitation Benji goes for the pizza. What……….how must that have made the moose feel? All that adoration gone in 10 seconds In favor of a piece of pizza. Well that took everybody by surprise didn’t it? Everyone but Benji of course, this clever-canine-with-a-pizza-fetish knows exactly what he likes and is not afraid to show it.

Click on the link below and enjoy Benji at his best. You will soon realize why this video became so popular with viewers around the world, and pay particular notice to Benji’s eyes. This pooch is one smart cookie and is a natural in front of the camera. Could Benji be the next “Benji”? Only time will tell whether this furry-ball-of-fluff will make it to the big time and follow up on the Perfect-Pawformance.