Dad Asks His Dog To Do A Trick. But Pay Close Attention To That Little Toddler! ROFL!

The video below is from the show America’s Funniest Videos. This compilation shows clips of some of the most hilarious Labradors on the internet. Everything from a tiny pup splashing in a tiny bowl of water to a little girl sharing a hose with her puppy will all have you in stiches. This funny video shows it all! Life can be a whole lot better if you have a dog by your side and this video proves it!

Labradors are considered to be one of the most beloved breeds of dogs in the world. They are renowned for their intelligence and playful nature. They are often trained in order to help people that are blind and people with autism as well. They can be used as therapy dogs and in military and law practice too.

But the dogs in this compilation video may not be trained as therapy dogs, but they are good companions anyway. You can see how they love to be with their humans in each of these clips. You are no doubt going to love this adorable video and you are sure to get a good laugh out of this!

These dogs do everything from ride motorcycles to reading flashcards to sitting on their badly behaved siblings, which I found particularly funny. They are one talented group of dogs and you won’t want to miss their performances.

Watch this cute little video below! Did these adorable pups make you smile? Let us know if you enjoyed this in the comments section!

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