Dad catches puppy farting so loudly in his sleep, he wakes up startled

Who can resist a funny dog video? We’ve had a lot of them and the reason is simple: they’re funny. We like to see our dogs as an extension of ourselves. They say a dog resembles his owner for a reason. When choosing a dog, I believe character is something that we consider. There are certain dogs that are known for being very active and needing a lot of exercise.

The Labrador is one of them. The Labrador is usually a very good swimmer. This breed was born because man needed a type of dog that would go to get what he had hunted and bring it back. Hence the name “Labrador Retriever.” Therefore, when a Labrador grabs something with his mouth, being it a tennis ball, a toy or something else, he usually doesn’t bite very hard. The breed was created with that in mind. That doesn’t mean that they don’t like to bite stuff. If you have a Labrador, you need to watch out for your furniture when he’s a puppy.

These dogs are usually very mellow and are great with kids. They need activity in their everyday regimen. They’re not overly active, though. Smaller breeds need to be exercised a little bit more often. There is another breed that has been feared but it’s not necessarily dangerous. I know many people won’t agree with me, but I’m just stating facts. The Pitbull was a breed created specifically for fighting.

These dogs are medium-sized but pack a powerful punch. As their name implies, the breed was created to fight bulls. This fighting took place in a pit were the bulls was placed along with several dogs. The dogs would be relentless in their attack and would continue fighting even if they were severely wounded. Modern breeders use them more as show-dogs. A very good show dog will not come cheap at all. For the breed to really shine, the dog must be treated very well. Nutrition needs to be excellent, and exercise regimen had to be calculated.

Although these dogs have been feared, it doesn’t mean they cannot be cute. The puppy in the next video is being funny by not doing anything. He is just lying there taking a nap. This puppy like many animals and humans, often dreams when sleeping. You can see the dog moving his legs as he dreams. The funny thing is even though we know the dog is sleeping, we can’t help but laugh at what he does.

He moves his tiny legs and barks a little bit. The dog keeps dreaming and almost looks like he’s going to wake up. Suddenly, the dog does something that makes his owner laugh out loud. Still sleeping and dreaming, the dog farts. This makes the dog wake up startled and makes it even funnier. The puppy wakes up by the loud noise of his own fart. Something you must see to believe!