When His Dad Comes Down With A Cold, This Cat Does The Most Unreal Thing Ever… Aww!

It’s a reality that every cat owner all across the world has to accept: cats are way too mysterious for us. The things that they do normally every day can be completely unexplainable to us, and as far as we can tell, it will stay like that forever. It’s as if they had their own unique way of seeing the world; sometimes they seem brilliant, and sometimes they completely drop the ball. One thing’s for certain: they have very complex personalities.

The video below will expand on my case further. Some people mistakenly believe that cats never communicate with anybody, not even their human parents, but it’s not true at all. When this cat’s daddy was having a serious case of the coughs, the cat had something to say after he made all that strange noise. The kitty’s own way of saying “bless you” is too adorable, and you have to see it for yourself!

The poor cat just wants to take a peaceful nap, but his dad keeps getting on the way with his strange noises. The cat can only wish him good health, and as you’ll see for yourself right below, it almost seems to work.

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