Dad confronts 2 women as they’re stealing his beach equipment… busted!

It all looks innocent enough until you realize what is actually going on and then, of course, see the unexpected reaction. Human nature can just be so incredibly unpredictable.

Ahhh a nice relaxing day out at the beach. Soak up some sun, work on your tan, hit the surf, splash around in the water, and unwind from a busy week. Even though the beach is a great stress reliever I always feel a little bit strange when I leave my stuff unattended to go into the water, don’t you??

I realize that if you look out at a beach, you’ll see plenty of blankets, towels, shoes, wallets, and bags sitting around, completely unguarded. I guess the key is to pack whatever is necessary to take to the beach and then simply count on people to be honest citizens that won’t take your items the moment you walk away.

I would honestly say that for the most part people are great at following the honor system when they are out at the beach. What you are about to see might change your mind though.

On the 4th of July, a father went to New Smyrna Beach in Florida with his family. They took with them an easy up canopy, chairs, and plenty of toys for the children.

After leaving their spot for a few minutes, dad comes back only to find two women stealing their gear!  Quickly he thought to turn on his camera and confront them.

“You need some help?” he asks the thieves as they are packing up with his tent. “Do you know how to do it?” the first woman asks. “Yeah… this is our stuff,” he explains.

The thieves begin to try and talk their way out of the trouble but they soon lose their composure when they realize that they’ve been caught in the act, on camera. 0:11 ”Do you know how to do it ” She basically asked the man if he can help her steal his stuff.

These two are a real piece of work, I tell you. They just won’t accept that the jig is up until the very end.

Please leave your comments. I hate being a victim, don’t you? I congratulate this man for keeping his cool. Good man… and wise.

Dad confronts 2 women as they’re stealing his beach equipment… busted!