When Dad Confronts This Dog Over Who Ate The Treats, His Reaction Will Have You Giggling!

It’s a reality that becomes more and more evident as time passes by, but it’s an undeniable truth: people love watching videos of animals on the Internet. Cats and dogs have wondered us with their companionship and their adorable personalities for ages, but it’s only now that we can share these precious moments for the whole world to see! In this particular video, Denver the Labrador does something that can only be described as childish.

This doggy has quickly become famous on the Internet for his charismatic personality and uplifting videos, and what’s most entertaining about them is the fact that Denver’s behavior has a certain humanity to it that makes it impossible not to adore him. In this clip, you will see Denver’s talent and skills in all of its glory.

His dad always tries to get new material from him, and he’s always happy to oblige. You will see in this following video that Denver has a weakness for treats made for cats, and he will do whatever it takes to get them all for himself. Wait until you see his guilty face after he gets caught, it’s truly something to behold!

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