Dad Croons Classic Christmas Song To His Darling Daughter, But SHE Steals The Show. Aww.

Coming up with a way to create a lasting Christmas memory is tough. Sure, you can all pose for a family photo wearing all kinds of holiday sweaters. That’s so passé, though. Taking your baby to see Santa is another idea, but those darn lines often lead to a LOT of crying and wailing – and those are just the parents who forgot their diaper bags. I think this couple may have hit upon an innovative solution: Music videos.

The video starts off with the dad singing “Jingle Bells “while his daughter sits in his lap. Then he goes on to tell the story of Jesus while the video shows them in various places – the recording studio, the living room, the bedroom. The mommy gets in on the act, sometimes playing with the baby while the music goes on. It’s a fun video to watch no matter the denomination of your religion.

This effort is a sweet labor of love to their baby girl, whom they adore more than anything. Though 12 or 13 years from now, she might yell at them, “You HAD to keep the outtake where I spit up all over the place? That’s humiliating!” Then again, they might have had blackmail in mind in case she acted up as a teen. “You behave or we send all your friends this link with the note, ‘WAIT ALL THE WAY TO THE END.’”

I couldn’t get over how cute their baby was. Then again, all babies are cute. I loved her reaction throughout the entire video. What did you think? Leave a message below!

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