Dad and daughter record Christmas medley but may anger Santa Claus

Passing the time on a long car trip can be a challenge. “Collecting” license plates by state or looking for poker or cribbage hands in the letters and numbers gets old pretty quickly. You could try the radio, but so often there’s nothing interesting on, especially when you need it the most. There’s always singing, but does anyone really need to hear “Ninety-Nine Bottles of Beer” for the umpteenth time? One dad and daughter came up with a better idea: composing their own song!

According to dad Alex, “My daughter and I drove home by ourselves after Christmas with family. We put together our own Christmas medley on the way. When we got home, she wanted to film it. I love her laugh.” And indeed, as you’ll see in the video we’ve posted below, his daughter Jade has a wonderful laugh and a great smile. It’s not their first music video, either. They did an epic lip syncing of “Love is an Open Door” from the hit Disney movie “Frozen” that’s now gone past 2 million views on YouTube.

In this new video, Alex and Jade do a mashup of Christmas tunes with lyrics they came up with on that car ride. For example, they make fun of poor Santa’s obesity. Hopefully the Jolly Old Elf can take a joke, otherwise these two will be getting coal and sticks in their stockings! Nevertheless, it’s great to see a father and daughter having so much fun while creating memories they and their family will cherish for many years to come.

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