Her dad died months before her wedding. She cries when her brother tells her to turn around.

A father’s dream has always been to get the chance of walking his daughter to the altar. This is the last time that they will walk together as father and a single daughter. For a father, it is a very signifying moment. While making his way with his daughter down the aisle, many things start going through his head. He remembers his daughter’s first steps, her first words and the first day of school.

As a father, I can say that watching your daughter grow is one of the most beautiful, but at the same time most nostalgic experiences you will ever live. And for the couple in the next video, it had a deep meaning. Andrea was about to marry her husband when things changed for them drastically. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and was given a short time to live. Andrea was already engaged when this happened and although she had accepted what would soon happen, she hoped her father would be able to walk her down the aisle. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen that way.

Her wedding would be where she would miss her father the most. Her father had taught her many life lessons, but she felt she still had many things to learn. He father would still live in her memory and everyone at her wedding certainly empathized with her. Her soon-to-be husband had always been very supportive of her and showed her that she was not alone. He would make sure she would never feel alone.

She was also very close to her brother. They had shared many things together and her brother knew exactly how she felt. The void they both had would never be completely filled, but they knew that if they continued to rely on one another for support, it would make almost anything bearable. After their father’s passing Andrea’s brother knew that they would need to make some changes.

He would be the one who would dance with her sister and walk her down the aisle on that special day. He also knew that there must be something he could do to add their father’s touch to the wedding. It would be a fantastic way of paying homage to him.

After some time, he finally realized what he needed to do. The day of the wedding arrived, and everyone was looking forward to seeing what kind of surprise the bride’s brother had in mind. The brother goes to his sister and after a brief wait asks her to turn around. When she does she can’t help but cry!