Dad films daughter’s birth, but what baby does next leaves entire delivery room stunned

We have seen some very special births on the Internet recently. It is truly a magical moment when a new baby comes to this world and sees his or her mother for the first time. Babies and their mothers share a very special bond that starts long before the birth itself. For babies, the bond starts since they are in the womb. They are physically connected to their mothers, and there are many things going on at the same time.

For starters, the baby is fed whatever the mother eats through the umbilical cord. This might also be very funny as many people believe babies have cravings such as adults do. So, when a baby craves something sweet it is said that the mother will have a craving for dessert. When the baby is craving something salty the mother would want to eat some food. This also applies to drinks and snacks.

Food is not the only thing that bonds a baby to his mother. Sounds are an important part of a baby’s growth. The first sound the baby learns to recognize is the sound of his or her own mother. The baby can also hear other sounds besides the mother’s voice. The baby can also feel if the mother is happy, sad, excited, or distressed. The baby sometimes reacts to the sounds by moving around.

Therefore, some women say things like: “the baby got angry,” or “look! The baby is very happy.” There is no doubt that the baby has feelings and reacts to them long before the he or she is born. The birth itself is a stressful experience for the baby. Naturally, the baby’s first reaction or impulse will be to seek comfort in his mother.

Very few times do we see such a bond between a baby and the mother. Brenda Coelho de Souza, 24, is delivering a baby. She’s at the Santa Monica Hospital in Brazil. Her husband is filming the whole thing. Something that happens after the birth has truly taken the Internet by storm. The baby is born, and she is named Agata. Everything is going normally up to now.

Next, the doctors place her on her mother’s chest. Both mother and baby are lying next to each other with their eyes closed. What the baby does next leaves everyone in awe. Baby Agata reaches her tiny arm around her mother’s face in an incredible display of love. Something the doctors had never seen. Fortunately, her father is there to capture the moment.