Dad films sons feeding wild bucks in hair-raising home video

Kids feeding wild bucks

In a tense but heartwarming scene, two kids are filmed by their dad feeding bread to a couple of wild bucks who wandered onto their street. Dad is audibly cautious from behind the camera as he instructs his sons not to make any sudden movements.

The common consensus is to keep a safe distance from wild animals like bucks, but this dad appears to know how to behave around wild animals. He is simply teaching his kids how to be comfortable around them as well.

A boy called Ethan is standing across the road from where the tame bucks are. Ethan and his brother are trying to draw the attention of the bucks as they intend to feed them with snacks.

Kids feeding wild bucks

Ethan’s dad is standing behind the camera and recording the whole scene, as he instructs Ethan and his brother by telling them what to do to get the attention of tame bucks.

As the video progresses, the tame bucks gently are drawn by Ethan’s still pose and instructed by Ethan’s father. Ethan is so brave as we see him stand with confidence stretching out his hand full of snacks to the bucks.

On the other hand, Ethan’s brother cannot attract the tame buck opposite him even with the snack in his hand. Ethan, however, gets the tame buck on his side to eat the snack in his stretched-out hand.

The tame buck seems to have enjoyed the snack that Ethan gave it to eat, as we see the buck coming back for more snacks after having its first. This time, Ethan stands with so much confidence as the tame bucks eat all the snacks left on his fingers. At the end of the day, we’re all just looking for a bite to eat.

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