Dad Found Messed Up Sheets In His Bed Room. Where The Guilty Dog Was Hiding? Hilarious!

Dogs have been considered man’s best friend since the beginning of civilization. There are countless videos on the internet that can prove that, no matter how good a pet other animals can be, there’s just no match for our dear canine friends. They are capable of putting their whole lives away for the people whom they hold the dearest, and they can be the most protective and loyal companions that anybody could ever meet. When in charge of babies, for example, their instinct makes them respond very quickly to any potential threat that could harm the baby, even without training.

The video that we brought to show you today features a dog who won the heart of his human adoptive father in a very short moment, just by showing him his guilty expression. Dad had found his bed completely torn apart after arriving home after a long day, and it didn’t take long before he found out who was guilty of making this horrible mess.

But it’s impossible to stay mad at a dog for an extended period of time! These adorable friends always have their faces to save them after they’ve made a mistake, and as far as the dog in this clip concerns, that’s enough to make it through!

Watch this adorable moment starring a very guilty dog in the hilarious video just below from here, I’m sure you’ll adore it!

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