Dad-gone-viral releases new song cover, and the internet says it’s must-hear

Kris Jones’ meteoric rise to internet celebrity began in suitably modest fashion. This hidden gem of a singer and his daughter were out on an errand when he began singing George Jones’ “Tennessee Whiskey” while they were driving through a parking lot. His daughter pulled our her phone and hit record. Since it was posted on-line in 2017 and it’s since racked up an amazing 34 million views.

Kris’ serious start in singing began when he joined the church choir at the age of 10. As he developed his musical talents, George Jones, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, and Vince Gill were especially influential. He started competing in talent shows and karaoke contests and that’s actually how he met the woman who he later married! But once he became busy raising a family, Kris put his musical dreams on hold.

After his “Tennessee Whiskey” video became a sensation on the internet, Kris appeared on “The Ellen Degeneres Show.” He was also invited to be on reality TV talent shows “The Voice” and “The Four: Battle for Stardom.” Tempting though those offers were, Kris turned them down, having decided that he wouldn’t really be able to support his family with his singing. He returned to his day job, but we’re glad to report that he’s still taking his singing seriously and continues to post some of his recordings on-line.

As you’ll see (and hear) in the video posted below, Kris has done a outstanding cover of Brett Young’s “In Case You Didn’t Know.” The setting is casual but his voice is anything but: powerful but with a warm tone and an impressive range. It’s nice to see that even if he hasn’t given up his day job, he still has one foot in the spotlight.

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