Dad Hugged His Cat. When The Cat Did THIS, I Couldn’t Help But Laugh Out Loud! Adorable!

To all the people who think that cats are not as emotive as other pets, here is a video to prove you wrong. As a cat lover, I adore their every characteristics; from the mysterious ones to downright adorable ones. After watching this video you will probably agree with me too!

This video shows a cat holding on to dad and wouldn’t let go of him. Mom started recording this amazing moment between dad and the cat to share it with the world. This cat likes being held by dad and goes to sleep right on his shoulder. At one time, he gets interrupted but soon enough he goes right back to where he was. This cat doesn’t get tired of showing his love to his dad.

Isn’t he just adorable? Watch this video and don’t forget to write your comment! We’d love to hear from you!

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