Dad Has A Very Interesting Conversation With His Cockatoo. What He Learns? PRICELESS.

People have conversations with their pets all the time. Most of the time they get no reply or an occasional bark or meow from their dog or cat. Not cockatoos and other birds. Even though the bird is really just mimicking other things that it’s heard, it can sound eerily like a conversation. Then there’s the conversation in this video where a cockatoo might as well be dropping a dime on the cats he shares with them.

No, one of the cats is not Sylvester and the bird’s name is not Tweety Bird. The video shows a Cockatoo named Max having his dad talk with him as he runs around on the floor. It seems that the cat is making him do bad things around the place. Psst, Max, it’s kinda dumb to be squealing on someone that would love to eat you in a heartbeat. Just some friendly advice there…

This bird is such a ham. It seems to know that a camera is trained on it because there are sometimes in the video that it comes up close and seems to be mugging for the camera. He might become an actor. If there are any casting directors out there needing a cockatoo for a TV show, they might want to check out this video. Hollywood might benefit from this.

What we’re missing is a follow-up. This guy should leave a hidden camera in several rooms. Perhaps one of them will catch the cat cornering Max and hissing, “If you tell Daddy that I’m making you do stuff ONE MORE TIME, I’ll eat you so thoroughly there won’t even be a feather. I’ll even leave a window open to make it look like you flew out. Capisce?” Hey, Hollywood, I’m practically writing this for you… Call me. I can just use a writer’s credit. Executive producer can come later.

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