Dad Introduces His Dog To A Tiny Kitten. But Watch How The Puppy Loses It Aww!

The relationship between cats and dogs has been stereotyped unfairly over the years. Most of us believe them to be the mortal enemies of one another. Some even think that they can never get along well together. But videos like the one featured below show us why we are wrong to typecast them and put their relationship in a box.

One day when he was outside, Francisco Xavier Orozco found an abandoned kitten. He decided to raise her by himself, so he brought her home. In this video, we get to see him introducing the little feline to his one year old pit bull mix, Molly, for the first time. You are going to melt when you see how Molly reacts to the kitty. According to Francisco, this clip is proof that pit bulls can be the sweetest dogs in the world if raised correctly.