Dad Introduces His “Ruthless Dog” To A Baby Kitten, And You’ll MELT By His Reaction!

Without a doubt, one of the most misunderstood kinds of dogs that there has ever existed in mankind, is Pit Bulls. Every generation or so, there seems to be a certain breed of dog that gets tainted and generalized as a dangerous and scary breed, and for quite a few years now, Pit Bulls are the ones that have taken the most hate, by far. This is partly because of their reputation as fighting dogs, and for their supposedly ruthless and violent personalities.

But as you will see in the video that’s following right down, these dogs can be extremely kind and adorable when they set their minds to it. The clip shows a tiny little glimpse of these kind of dogs’ incredible kindness and capacity for love, and she will make you fall in love. The name of the dog is Molly, and even though she’s only a year old in the video, she’s already quite big.

Her human dad, Francisco, brings the newest member of the family to Molly, so that they can get acquainted, and it’s something so adorable, not even Francisco expected to smile so much when he saw it!

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