Dad Just Wants To Sing With His Baby, But She Steals The Spotlight…And Our Hearts

Babies love to be sung to, whether it’s due to their relentless pursuit of knowledge or a simple desire to get carried away with a silly tune. But this toddler completely steals the show when he and his dad perform an impromptu singalong.

It seems like this isn’t the first time this dad and his little boy have had a singing sesh – he’s ready to go the moment his father belts out the opening lines to “The Star-Spangled Banner.” And, as the patriotic tune builds in intensity, we’re not sure what to expect next.

As the two reach the climax of the song, “And the rocket’s red glare,” the toddler senses his moment to shine. Without regard for his duo partner, he belts out a huge note and leaves his dad in the dust.

After a display like that, we’re left feeling truly inspired. In fact, we think this nationalistic duo has a bright future in the realm of professional anthem singing…