Dad Lays Dinner Down For His Two Precious Pups. How They Showed Their Thanks Left Me In AWE

There are pre-meal rituals performed all over the world. Some hold hands and pray. Others merely bow their heads before giving grace. Then you have to see these two rescue dogs. Their daddy puts their bowls down before them. Instead of racing right to chowing down, they stand on their hind legs, as if in prayer. They remain there while Daddy says a blessing. Right after the Amen is said, it’s eating time!

Even though the dogs probably don’t truly understand what’s going on – they just know to wait for the “Amen” to begin eating – it’s still a sweet thing. It’s more for their daddy than anything – a way for him to acknowledge his love for them as well as a higher being’s. Many pets don’t get that level of love and devotion from their parents, so this is a welcome change.

Of course, there are some who may grumble at the religious aspect of this. To that I say, “So What?” People of all religions can express thanks for the food that’s put on their table. I wouldn’t care if this video was dubbed in Hebrew, Arabic, and any other language. It’s the thought behind it that counts and it’s not like the dog’s dad then turns to the camera and says, “BELIEVE IN THIS, OR ELSE!”

I’m of the mind that it’s just awesome that the dogs love their daddy enough to do something like this. Most dogs immediately start gobbling up their food as if they are afraid that someone’s going to steal it in the .5 seconds that it takes for the bowl to be set down. Though it would have been funny to see a third dog suddenly run in from the side and start eating their food while they were praying. Maybe in a blooper reel.

I’m always a sucker for a video like this. What did you think? Leave a comment below!

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