Dad Was Left To Watch The Kids Alone. Mom Was Shocked To See What The Camera Caught! I COULDN’T Believe it!

People can be extra silly when they think they aren’t being watched. This is something Rujeana, mother of two kids, learned when she decided to set up a hidden camera to monitor her children in her living and let their grandma see what they were up to. Hidden cameras can capture people at their silliest, because they don’t bother to put up a front! Rujeana figured out how her husband took care of the kids when she wasn’t home this way! There’s no way she could ever imagine the footage!

You will not be able to hold back your laughter!  This dad and daughter combo performs a hilarious lip sync and dance along to Katy Perry’s hit “E.T”.  The best part is that the father does not forget about his little son, making him a part of the show! After all is finished he efficiently goes back to his other chores, such as doing the laundry. There’s no way to stop laughing when I imagine grandmas’ and Rujeana’s faces while watching the video.

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