Dad makes baby laugh and loses it himself when toddler sounds like a sheep!

Babies are curious things, aren’t they? That sense of unadulterated, childlike wonder we often wish we could get back. Starring at the world with our new eyes, exploring new things, putting as many objects as we possibly can into our mouths. Throwing food everywhere instead of the one place it’s meant to go. Ahhhh, life was much simpler then, wasn’t it? You either laughed, or you cried. Easy.

And they say that the sound of a child laughing is one of the most beautiful that we can possibly hear. It’s certainly up there with Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ album for sure. Or when you’re a penniless student and you hear that little whirring sound from an ATM that tells you there’s money in your account and you can feed yourself. Or the ding of the microwave when your reheated curry is ready. Beautiful sounds indeed!

A baby laughing sure beats a baby crying, but what if that laughter isn’t quite what you’d expect? Where does that fall on the ‘enjoyable sounds’ scale? Well, you’ll have to watch this video to find out, as this family – and in particular the dad – don’t quite know how to take the noises coming from their adorable son’s mouth – and the internet is going crazy for it!

“He sounds like a little Chewbacca,” comments one YouTuber – and they’re not far wrong. “To me, he sounds like Peter Griffin,” says another. “It’s your solemn duty as parents to record moments like this for future embarrassment of the baby in question,” rightly mentions a third. Either way, this short clip of a baby’s laugh certainly has people talking!

With dad playing the fool to make his son laugh, he loses it himself as the little guy laughs exactly like a sheep! His dad is rolling with laughter, trying to convince his baby boy that he’s not a farmyard animal and that he is in fact human! It’s hilarious to watch the family try to comprehend what it is they’re hearing!

We’re sure this is one video he’s not going to want to play at his 18th birthday party – which is all the more reason to show it! The poor little lamb (pun intended) isn’t going to live it down! Watch this video and share with your family and friends so you can decide for yourselves if a child laughing is still a beautiful sound!