Dad photoshops hilarious pictures of his baby doing manly things

In the old days, taking a photo was something that was done by professionals and only on special occasions. This was mostly due to the long process involved in getting just one single picture to come out.

With the changing times and modern technology, tasks that were previously tiring like taking photos have now become all too easy and almost anyone can do it. With the simple push of a button and you’re good.

Matt Mac is a dad who just can’t stop himself from taking photos of his kids. Unlike most of the pictures we are used to, his have an interesting twist. With the photoshop feature in play, the child is just so manly.

Mac takes pictures of his newborn son, Ryan, and photoshops them to look like the infant is doing some really manly jobs. He had done this for his daughter and decided his son also deserved this.

The pictures have since become a viral sensation and so many people love them. It’s not every day you see a toddler driving a car, pushing a lawnmower, fixing the engine, and even lifting weights.

Many people on the internet have since seen the photos and love them very much. His son, Ryan doesn’t even realize that he is already an internet sensation at such a tender age.

With more than a thousand views, most people would agree that this is really hilarious. You are sure to be quite entertained by the little big guy in the room.

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Dad photoshops hilarious pictures of his baby doing manly things