Dad pretends he loves the other pet more. The dog’s response has me LOL!

Do you like dogs? I absolutely love dogs… Well, dogs and cats to be honest. I believe each has its own distinguishing set of features that make them awesome. As far as which I prefer, I would have to say dogs. This has more to do with personal values than anything else. In my case, one of the values I treasure and admire the most is loyalty.

Anyone that has a dog will tell you that this is their most describing feature. But, why are dogs so loyal? I think it has a lot to do with the history they share with humans. Dogs and humans share many traits that make them ideal companions. They are both social species, therefore enjoy each other’s company. Dogs are commonly seen in packs in the wild. They have their own hierarchy system that dictates who does what, and who eats when.

This is also something that we humans do. We have a different ‘selection system’ for this, but it serves the same purpose. When dogs hunt, they go together, another similarity when we go to work. Now, the most important thing that bonds humans and dogs is the fact that people have been breeding dogs for many purposes, especially work.

Great civilizations like the Romans saw dog-breeding as an advantage for them in battle. They bred the ancestor of today’s Rottweiler. This was a huge Mastiff that was both an excellent fighter and a very good herding dog. They started to use this ancient dog to safeguard treasures, debt collectors would tie a bag with money around the dog’s neck to make sure no one’s hands would get to it, and they would use them to ambush enemies in war.

Fast forward a few thousand years, and you can see dogs everywhere. Dogs have turned themselves into just another family member. Many families treat their dogs this way, and it’s not only for things like eating and sleeping. They have their own room inside the house, their own playroom, and even their own toys. All this interaction is bound to create some very unforgettable moments that many people can capture on video.

The next video features a compilation of some dogs acting funny. The thing is, they’re actually jealous. Why? Well, they believe they shouldn’t have to share their owners love. So, the minute the owner starts petting another animal, even another dog, they show their jealousy in very funny tantrums. This is just too good to miss!