Dad is very proud of the fence he built his dog. But what the dog does next? ROFL!

Dogs are famous all over the world for their lively and energetic nature. Sometimes it is impossible to keep them from causing trouble. But that is probably one of the reasons we love them! I always thought that if a dog was causing trouble, that meant he was clever. The video below features a very high-spirited dog who I think proves me right.

Stella often runs around her backyard and onto the neighbor’s yard when her owners aren’t looking. I guess this is a problem sometimes, so to prevent this, dad decided to build a wooden fence. It looks like he did a great job and the fence looks really beautiful.

The poor man spent hours of his time to build a wooden fence around his backyard. He shows off this fence in the video below, stating how proud he is of it because he did it himself. He then goes on to comment that this should solve the problem of Stella going into the neighbor’s yard.

But his video is going vial on the internet for its hilarious ending! And it is all thanks to his funny pooch! You are going to be in stitches when you see what Stella did! I’m almost I tears laughing right now, and I watched it yesterday! This dog’s timing is spot on. If I was the neighbor, I’d be rolling around laughing and telling this poor man to just give up and let Stella visit.

Watch this hilarious video below! Did this clever and agile dog crack you up? Let us know what you think in the comments section!