Dad proudly builds a fence to protect his dog. Now just keep your eyes on the dog

Having a happy, healthy, rambunctious dog is a wonderful thing. However, keeping such a dog in the yard can be a challenge. You don’t want Fido running through the neighbors’ yards, fighting with their pets, digging up their flower beds, and so on. Keeping a dog in the yard is also a matter of safety: you don’t want your canine friend to run away and get lost, let alone run over by a car. The simple solution to the problem is to build a fence. However, dogs are good at jumping and climbing, so it can take a lot of fence to keep a high-spirited dog in the yard.

One man built a fence to keep an energetic dog named Stella in the yard. He was so proud of his work that he decided to record a video and post it on-line. He certainly did a good job with the fence. The materials and design are tasteful, low-key, and the fence fits perfectly into its surroundings. He begins his video by explaining, “Yep, just completed fixing this fence. Pretty proud of it I’d have to say. Try to keep Stella in the yard.”

As he pans the camera to show off the entire fence, Stella comes bounding into the frame. She’s a grown-up dog but pulls what we can only describe as a classic puppy move. Not even needing a moment to think about it, Stella suddenly sails over the fence and into the neighbors’ yard. Her leap is so elegant that it seems almost insolent. The once-proud fence builder is left shaking his head and muttering, “Damn it.”

Back to the old drawing board — though for all we know, he may have given up at this point, stoically accepting that a dog like Stella just can’t be contained. We’ve posted the hilarious video for you below.

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