Dad put baby’s hand back under the covers — but the nanny cam caught something unusual

Kids do the darndest things, as they say. If you think back to your own childhood, you can probably recall many a time you made one of your parents say, “Darn !” or worse. But even the littlest children can sometimes do the darndest things.

The early years of parenting can be full of difficulty. And that’s for experienced parents! Babies can be loudly cranky, they need their diapers changed, and of course, it’s given that parents will suffer through many a sleepless night. In the end, it’s all worth it, of course. It’s also not all work and no play. Babies also bring plenty of joy to their parents. They also have moments when they’re ridiculously funny.

And ridiculously funny is what we have here. A mom and dad were putting their baby to bed for the night. When dad tucked one of the little one’s arms under the covers, the other popped up! Put that arm under the covers and the first arm pops up. This goes on for awhile and it’s absolutely hilarious. The parents themselves were cracking up. It’s like there’s a mechanical connection between the baby’s arms. Fortunately, this was all captured on the nanny cam and they gave the video the entirely appropriate title “Not a Mechanical Baby.”

We’ve posted the video for you below. You’ll see why it has 12 million views and counting. Ever since the video was first published, some viewers have expressed concern that there might be something wrong with the baby, perhaps a neurological issue. In fact, all was well. The baby has since grown up to be a healthy teenager.

Do you think this adorable baby was messing with his parents or just trying to entertain them? Or is it a mystery? Let us know what you think in the Facebook comments. Like and share: if you have friends with small children, this will provide some much needed comic relief.