When dad put their dog on the swing, no one in the family was expecting her to do this! Aww!

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What better way to unwind yourself than swaying on a swing, right? This adorable dog named Sara was more than eager to comply when her owner asked her if she wanted to get in the swing. You’ll be grinning from ear to ear when you see what follows next!

Dad and Sara are at the park, and someone is there filming. It sounds like maybe dad’s human daughter is also with them, commenting on “cute Sara” in the swing. When dad asks Sara if she wants to swing, she jumps up on dad and he picks her up like you would pick up a toddler. He puts her in the swing, and she actually hangs on to the front of the swing!

When dad puts the dog in the swing, she can’t help the huge smile that comes on her face. This cutie has lovingly been known as the swinging dog. She loves to go to the park and get on the swing. Her owner says that Sara has been doing this for four years and that she goes crazy whenever they tell her they are going swinging at the playground.

I bet Sara is a big hit with all of the kids at the playground. Just look at her sweet face as her dad pushes her gently in the swing. She’s so precious. How could anyone not love playing with Sara on the swings?

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