A dad puts his baby to sleep in less than 60 seconds, check out how he does it!

Are you a father that has battled with getting your baby to sleep? Does TV or the occasional ride in the car not cut it for you anymore? Well, you are not alone. Thousands of parents have done everything in their power throughout the years to get their babies to sleep but failed miserably in the process. When we get appointed as sitters by the baby’s mother, we often think that it will be a walk in the park.

After all, how difficult could that be? We try to guess what goes first: is it the baby’s bottle or the warm bath? How about the diaper change? Does it go before the bath or before the bottle? Things get more confusing each time we find ourselves with this task. And it only gets worse if you are talking about our first child. As men, we tend to think we’ll find the answer to this in literature.

Sure, literature helps, and why wouldn’t it? As men, we love books because they state things with a lot of logic, and men love logic. The only thing about them is that once you finish reading the book and you try to take your knowledge to practice, things just don’t happen the way they are shown in the book. Has this happened to you?

So, after we read the book and it doesn’t work, there’s the other thing we can do: try to figure out how things work. The idea is not a bad one on paper. The only thing is that when we are talking about babies, they don’t seem to respond to the same logic as everything else. The reason for this is that babies’ only language is crying. That’s all they seem to do.

For a guy, interpreting what the baby is trying to communicate is almost impossible. Our figuring-out technique only works for a couple of times. But if the baby is having a rough day, is feeling sick or needs to burp, you basically must throw everything you had figured out the window. By this time, we are getting desperate and while there is one thing we could do, we don’t want to do it. That would mean asking the mother and we don’t want to look incompetent, right?

Well, if you feared hope had been lost, fear no more. There is a much easier hack that will allow you to save time and gas money (in case you had thought about taking your baby for a ride so he or she would fall asleep). If I had known of this easy hack, I would’ve had many nights of sleep instead of looking for coffee every time I had to take care of the baby.

Just click on the video that will not only amaze you but rescue your pride and give you something to brag about!