Dad puts mom on speaker phone – their dog’s reaction is priceless!

Our family dogs can do all sorts of crazy things to show that they miss us when we’re away. From sleeping on our clothes to whining and moping around the house, our pooches can really put on a show when their person or persons are absent for whatever reason. Stanley, the “singing Airedale” really takes the cake though!

When his mommy left the house for a while, he really began to miss her. But thankfully, dad was around to look after him – and dad isn’t a bad guy at all! It’s just that Stanley clearly prefers when they’re all together – like most dogs do. They just want to be part of one big happy family!

So, dad decided to give Stanley a treat and telephone mom, just so the depressed pooch could hear her voice. Dad called her up – wherever she was in the world, and then put her on speaker phone so she could have a chat with her best friend – and Stanley could have a chat with his long-distance mom! You won’t believe what happens next!

Stanley instantly recognises his mom’s voice coming down the line – but can’t seem to locate where his human is! But at least he can have a conversation with her – and so he launches into song, howling at the phone every time he hears his mom’s distant tones. It’s so adorable to watch and listen to!

As mom asks Stanley if he’s been a good boy, the loving creature “chats” right back, almost appearing to be having a proper conversation! If only dogs could really talk – what an amazing thing that would be! Still, Stanley is certainly trying his best here as he sings to the phone, looking at his dad for prompts – and it’s especially funny when he does his half bark-half howl for a really long time! He really wants to show his mom how much he loves her!

“Do you love your momma?” asks dad. Of course he does! Stanley doesn’t need asking twice as he just goes off, throwing his head back and showing how much he misses her, howling and wailing his affections to anyone who will listen! Don’t miss this amazing and hilarious video below, and share with your dog-loving family and friends. This is bound to brighten their day!