Dad was recording his twins on camera. But when they started doing this? Can’t stop laughing!

Baby videos are one of the best things on the internet. They are always entertaining, and they always make you smile. If you haven’t seen one yet, you are missing out big time. The video shown below features a set of adorable little twins. You are going to melt when you see what they are doing in this home movie.

Their dad, Roy Johannink, was recording them on camera when they started talking to each other in their own sweet language. One of them is named Merle, and the other is called Stign. I don’t know what they are talking about, but they are probably reminiscing about the good old days from back in the womb! Wait till you see this!

Research has shown that twins often have a connection that non-twin siblings cannot understand. Twins seem to communicate, at times, without even speaking. It may look like to others that they can read each other’s minds. I wonder if that’s what these two are doing in this clip? They sure seem to understand each other.

These fraternal twins, a girl and a boy, are having quite a conversation. They look right at each other, never looking away, and while they are just making sounds at this point, to me, it seems like they understand each other perfectly. Dad is quite entertained by their conversation, and you can hear him laughing in the background, enjoying his little bundles of joy.

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