Dad Removed The Glass Screen From The Door. But When His Dog Wants To Go Outside? ROFL!

Dogs are one of the funniest and most entertaining pets you could ever have. You might have seen dogs act weird and confused around glass doors and windows. They can see through them but can’t walk through them, and they don’t always understand why, and sometimes they bump into them.

Embarrassing moments with glass doors from their puppyhood might have made them more cautious. Just wait till you see this adorable little guy in the video below! He is so confused, but so adorable, and his dad seems to get quite a kick out of his behavior, and so does his mom. You can hear her laughing in the background as she films the whole thing.

This clip features a Labrador who wants to go outside. But when dad opens the door for him, he doesn’t go through. Why? There used to be two doors to open, and dad only opened one. The poor thing doesn’t realize that the glass to the front door has been removed. He hesitates and stays indoors until his dad opens up the door for him!

This pooch will give you a good laugh for sure! Old habits are hard to break, I guess, and this dog wants that second door to open, no matter what! He’s oblivious to the obvious and it is so adorable. Fortunately, his human parents knew just what he would do and filmed it just for us.

Watch this hilarious video below! Did this Labrador crack you up? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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