Dad Replays His Noisy Dog Back To Him. When You See The Pooches Reaction? Haw.

Sleep is important. If you don’t get enough sleep, you can be frustrated and angry, grumpy even at the source of your sleeplessness. Almost obvious to you, and usually not too obvious for the sound maker who kept you from getting some “z’s.” They are just over somewhere doing themselves, oblivious to the world. Not realizing they are keeping you awake. You are very aware that they are keeping you awake, yet when it comes down to it, you can’t be aware all the time. At least, you can’t be aware all the time and stay healthy.

Travel is one such event or action that you really need to keep yourself rested for. You need whoever is alongside you to be calm and cool. Not noisy but rather relaxed. As getting a healthy eight hours of sleep will make every part of you run better. From your immune system, to changing time zones, it’s very important to be rested. If you travel internationally, you will probably have to worry about immunizations, and recently getting a shot to your immune system. So it’s important to rest and eat properly, to take care of yourself.

Tal is one such man who didn’t get the rest that he desperately needed thanks to his precious Cavalier King Charles spaniel. He makes a point of recording the noises his precocious young pooch decided to make the night before. All with the hopes of finding his hound in a similar situation he was in. When you see how he shows his pooch, the look on his face…priceless.

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