When Dad Said “Go!”, He Didn’t Expect For His Dog To Join Them In Race!

Summer has already hit us with all its glory, and these days of intense heat require lots of preparation in order to make the most of them. As most of you probably already know, the best way to cool down in a scorching hot day is splashing in the water with your best friends. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pool, the sea, or a random lake near your town, it’s always a great pleasure and a great time. Animals can be big fans of the water as well!

If you don’t believe me, you must look no further than the video below. In it, a dog enjoys a pool in a way that I can only describe as human, and he surely shows his love for the water in the hot summer days. For some reason, splashing out of their own good will pleases them much more than baths, we can only wonder why that happens. But it’s clear that pups like this one love swimming!

This adorable compilation of dogs enjoying the water is very enjoyable and endearing, and even if you’re a dog person, you’re going to want to dip into a pool yourself right away.

Watch this fun summer video right below!

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