Dad Says “Bang!” Now Keep A Close Eye On How That Tiny Parrot Reacts! You Won’t Stop Laughing!

Parrots are probably one of the smartest and most entertaining species in the world. I am sure you have seen many videos of talented parrots on the Internet proving this fact. With good training, parrots can sing, dance, and even perform tricks! Actually, sometimes they don’t need any training at all and just figure it out for themselves. Take for example the adorable little birdie featured in this clip given below!

This little girl is called Kili and she is a Senegal Parrot. According to her owner, she is really incredible when it comes to “playing dead.” She keeps her head down to the floor and does not move. She stays motionless for more than ten seconds sometimes!

The trick is pretty simple but very entertaining. It must have taken many hours to teach her to do this, but the result is worth it. The owner points his finger at her and says “Bang” and she rolls over onto her back. She will lay there until he tells her to get up.

Watching her get up is also quite interesting. She turns her head and grips the carpet with her beak, and then she turns the rest of her body over and pops right up. He also says that she gets a treat when she gets back up. I’m sure that helped her to learn exactly what to do. Kili has been practicing this trick for more than six months and she has mastered it perfectly!

Watch this funny clip below! Did Kili’s trick make you smile? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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