Dad says that he can’t get on the couch, so this bulldog has a shocking reaction!

As every dog parent knows, there’s a point where dogs get so close to the rest of the family, it’s hard to remember their not human at all! But every now and then, they make sure to show us their distinctly canine side. The dog in the following video is called Bentley, and he’s a perfect mix between a human toddler and a spoiled puppy, and it’s just too adorable to watch.

Bentley has a deep love for sitting on the couch, especially when his humans are around, but since that has just finished cleaning it up, he was not being allowed to climb. The following clip captured the moment Bentley tried as hard as he could to get up on the couch. He’s not shy to show how much he loves the couch, and he just can’t care enough about Dad’s cleaning duties.

It’s amazing how after living for a while with us, we get so used to treating them like part of the family, that even they are surprised when we try to treat them “like animals”. If only Bentley could understand how hard it is to clean a couch!

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