Dad Says “I Love You” But Wait Till You See This Husky’s Response. I Didn’t See THAT Coming!

Dogs are awesome. They are loyal, playful, adorable, hilarious, and the list goes on and on. Now if only they could talk! Who wouldn’t want a talking dog, right? The video below features one of the most famous dogs in the internet. You may know her as Mishka, the talking dog. She has been stealing hearts ever since she was born. This  clip is no exception. Wait till you see this cute gal!

Whenever her dad tells her he loves her, she gives him some hilarious response. According to him, she is a mama’s girl and she tells them when she wants to be taken care of. This video has subtitles that will help you understand Mishka’s reply more clearly. And you are no doubt going to crack up when you see it!

If you are not already familiar with Mishka, she is a very vocal husky and sounds, at times, like she is really talking. In this clip, her dad is asking her some questions but she doesn’t want to talk to him apparently. She says she loves her dad if he’s with mom. LOL!

At one point she is howling and the subtitles are so funny. Just wait till you see her reaction when her dad tries to get her to come to him. She’s having none of it. Once she’s off the couch, she only wants her mommy.

Watch this cute dog in the clip below! What are your thoughts about it? Don’t forget to share them with us in the comments section!

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