Dad Sees His Huge Horse Acting Strange. But When He Sees Who He’s Playing With? INCREDIBLE!

It might come as a surprise to almost all of us, but there’s actual people out there who firmly believe that animals don’t have feelings. If you’ve ever come across someone who thinks like this, you might want to show them this video to illustrate them a little. Animals might not be able to talk like us, but they have ways to show their true feelings, and it doesn’t take more than a while with one of them to understand it.

In the clip, a man is seen approaching his big horse, and he notices that something’s odd with him. The name of the horse is Whiskey Brown, and he’s a 4-year-old stallion with a very imposing figure, but an even bigger heart. When you see who his best friend is, you’ll see what I mean.

Lucy is a two-year-old dog who has known Whiskey Brown since she was very little. They play together and get along wonderfully, and sometimes it seems like the horse thinks he’s a big dog, or Lucy thinks she’s a little horse! Their playing seems rough, but that’s just because they’ve been playing together their whole lives.

You can see this amazing dog-horse relationship in the video below, and don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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