Dad sings a classic Christmas song, but his adorable daughter steals the show

Creating a lasting Christmas memory isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. Having everyone pose for a family photo wearing outrageously tacky holiday sweaters is kind of unoriginal. You could take the kids to the mall to meet Santa Claus so they can insist they’ve been good all year, demand a long list of presents, and then pose for a photo tugging on his beard. Also not original and besides, the line to see Santa is always long, slow-moving, and filled with crying and wailing — and that’s just from the parents who’ve forgotten the diaper bags!

So how about a music video? If you have some talent, this is a way to get creative, have a lot of fun, and end up with a souvenir video that will brighten many a Christmas to come.

One couple went the music video route and it looks like they had the right idea. Dad sings “Jingle Bells” to his baby daughter, alternating between playing an acoustic guitar and an electronic keyboard. His daughter is really cute and is clad in several different outfits at various points in the video: elf with candy cane leggings, Christmas cookie dress, and a Mrs. Claus dress. Mom takes part in the fun, too, helping their adorable little girl “dance” to the music. Their version of “Jingle Bells” includes the traditional lyrics as well as passages where the story of Christmas is told to the music.

There’s a funny blooper thrown in toward the end of the video. In 12 or 13 years, it may be great blackmail material: “Young lady, you behave or we’ll send your friends a link to The Video and tell them to watch all the way to the end!”

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