Dad sings “I Loved Her First” during tearjerking speech at daughter’s wedding

Dad singing at daughter's wedding

It’s never easy to separate a father from his daughter. However, there comes a life-changing moment when the father has to accept that she’ll have to leave home.

Nonetheless, fathers still cling to the special bond they established with their daughters even at their wedding. They show the kind of love that only a parent can understand.

A bride’s father caught all guests attending her daughter’s wedding by surprise as he chose to express an unending sense of love to his daughter. This dad decided to share a better chunk of his speech time to give the bride a surprise gift.

Bride and Groom

No one saw it coming. Daddy unpredictably asked for a pre-arranged parcel from one of the family members, then passed a pair of bells to the bride. The bride looked surprised, not knowing what was coming next.

Dad shows a sense of courtesy as he asks his daughter to pass one of the bells to the new man in her life. The bridegroom hesitantly takes the bell, wondering if the ‘old man will ask him to stand or ring it.

Things take a new turn as the bride’s father asks the couple to ring the bells, only to realize that it was an alarm to check whether the pianist was ready to set the stage for the surprise performance.

The bride’s father brings everyone to tears as he sings ‘I Loved Her First.’ The energy and confidence in the father’s voice give the bride the assurance of love. He presents the song with affection as he wishes the couple a happy married life.

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