Dad Sings “Shut Up & Dance” With His Daughter, But When The Little Girl Did THIS? INCREDIBLE!

It’s difficult being a new parent. A life is solely dependent on you and it is never an easy thing. Parents sacrifice a lot to take care of their little kids. It is very important to maintain a good bond with your child, and everyone knows you do that one way to do that is by having a fun time with them. Just take a look at this dad in the clip below! He has it all figured out.

Matt Silverman has thought up a brilliant plan to bring his daughter and his passion together. He and his daughter Amelia have lots of fun singing! In this clip, you can see them performing a cover of “Shut Up And Dance” by Walk The Moon. They make use of guitars and even toy drums for the performance!

There are other clips of this dad and daughter duo on YouTube, singing and playing music and having the time of their lives. This little girl is wearing headphones just like her dad, and she does a lot more than stand there and dance. She plays along with him. In this clip, she’s playing a drum and she’s right on cue.

Her dad is a very talented singer and musician, and she’s a very cute sidekick. At one point she hits the drum and her headphones fall off. It’s so cute. Not only are they having fun, but I am sure Amelia will remember moments like these for the rest of her life!

Watch this adorable video below! Did you enjoy this daddy-daughter cover? Let us know in the comments section!

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