Dad sings song he wrote for daddy-daughter dance – it’s pulling at everyone’s heartstrings

Daddy-daughter relationships are pretty special. Ever since he would have held her tiny frame in his arms at birth, a father would form an unbreakable bond with his daughter, one that lasts a lifetime. But arguably the most special moment is when he has to give his little girl away, walking her down the aisle to her future husband. Daddy’s girl is all grown up, and it’s an emotional time for everyone involved – the guests too on this occasion!

Which is why this wedding is really giving people all the feels, as dad does something a little different – and it’s got the internet gushing. Instead of picking a favorite musical number for the traditional daddy-daughter dance at the wedding reception, Robert David decided to write his own – and what a talented chap he is!

Six months before the ceremony, Robert’s daughter asked him to pick a tune to dance to. “Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered,” said Robert. When your father days this at some point in the planning of the ceremony, the bride-to-be can often get more than a little worried! What are they planning? Is it going to be suitable? What happens if they do something embarrassing?! All these questions and more can arise when asking your dad to do something for the wedding!

But more often than not they come out on top with flying colors – and Robert is no exception. When the big day finally arrived and Robert gave his daughter away, all eyes and ears were on him when he took the microphone at the reception dinner. The watching guests were then astounded when he performed the song he wrote for his daughter – and it was a real tear-jerker for sure!

“Where has the time gone? Where has it been? I remember when the day you were born with a full head of hair looking up at me with that inquisitive stare. You in my arms without a worry or care you stole my heart right then and there.”

Robert’s lyrics certainly tug at the heartstrings, especially as old photographs of his daughter growing up were playing in the background. You’re going to want to have the tissues handy for this one – as we’re pretty sure you’re going to be in floods of tears! Watch this amazing video below and share with your family and friends – especially if someone has a wedding coming up – it might give you some really good ideas!