Dad slowly reveals huge lotto win to his flabbergasted sons

The video begins with a man, Poul Hjortbøl, sitting both of his sons down at a small table. He tells them he has something to say, but it’s not easy to tell them.

Naturally, they ask what he wants to say. “Is it something bad?” Poul assures them it’s not and then breaks the news that he’s quit his job. The boys seem somewhat surprised when they hear this. The video then cuts to 30 seconds later.

“But something else has happened,” he tells them. He informs them that he’s “won a little bit of money,” but he doesn’t specify how much. Poul hands each of his sons $900 and an iPad.

“Are you kidding me!” one of them exclaims. Of course, the surprises aren’t over yet. The video skips ahead 20 seconds, and the children ask their dad how much he won.

He tells them that he’s won around $35,000. The video cuts again, this time to “three minutes later.” Then he breaks out the big news: “I have lied to you.”

It turns out this lucky man has actually won a lot more than $35,000! The children aren’t sure how to react as their father places another $9,000 on the table. The video skips ahead by one minute.

So, how much has Poul actually won? The number is finally revealed: he’s won 2.7 million dollars! The children break into choruses of “oh my God” as their father smiles, happy that he’s able to share in his success with his sons.

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Dad slowly reveals huge lotto win to his flabbergasted sons