This Dad And Son Have A New Game They Play When Mom Is Not Home. And It Is Hilarious!

Dads are one of your most dependable and reliable figures. Sometimes they can be your best friends, and sometimes they can really bore you with their mundane talk about whatever they are interested in at the moment.

Ever wonder what could happen if you left a baby home alone with daddy? Well, this video clearly shows what is bound to come about during father-baby bonding time! No matter what age you reach, your daddy dearest will definitely find a way to embarrass you with his lovely ways. I’m sure he will show this clip to his baby’s first boyfriend when she’s older.

I hope this baby grows up to have a great sense of humor like his papa, or else things could be looking down for the old man. This baby seemed to enjoy this alone time a lot. This dad puts a funny face on his baby, and the baby just laughs and laughs. And what a cute baby this is, too!

Daddy certainly is not a filmmaker, but he does seem to be a comedian. I thought this took a lot of creativity and it seems like some seriously good bonding time for daddy and baby too. When his baby is older, I’m sure they will enjoy watching these home videos together and having a good laugh.

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