Dad Spent 2 Hours Making A Cat Door, But His Kitty’s Reaction? HILARIOUS!

While almost every cat meows out loud or scratches the door to show they want to come in, Philo the Cat has a much more human way to do it. Brian, Philo’s proud cat parent, has recently started a project so that Philo can come in and out the door without any trouble anymore. It took him a little over two hours to install a special cat door for Philo so that he doesn’t have to bother with waiting anymore.

But he never expected the cat to react in this way! Brian even had his camera ready to capture the precious moment in which his cat was finally able to go through the door without any nuisance, when all of a sudden, nature took the wheel. At first, everything seemed alright as Philo walked up to the door to try it, but he clearly had different plans from Brian.

It looks as if Philo is about to use his new door, but if you’re a cat parent yourself, you probably know where this is going. Sometimes, old habits die hard, and nothing like a clever and stubborn cat to show it. What a clever kitty!

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